Jill Mays, MS, OTR/L, Helps Parents Understand How Play Leads to Handwriting Success

As we head into the fall and a new school year, Jill Mays, MS, OTR/L wants to share the latest addition to her new website, TheMotorStory.org  In her letter, Jill tells us that no matter what her workshops entail (Sensory Motor Development, Sensory Integrations, Play…) the question of HANDWRITING always comes up!

Need a COOL Chew Necklace for One Who Must Bite, Chew, Fidget?

KidCompanions Chewelry and SentioCHEWS are both mouth fidgets and hand fidgets. Our KidCompanions were designed by Pierrette in 2006 and she designed our SentioCHEWS in 2013. Now we have two chew necklaces of very different textures that should please most who need oral stimulation or who need to fidget with their hands to calm their bodies and allow their brains to attend to a main task like reading, listening, doing homework, etc.